Even though this store is brand-spanking new, it has been years in the making. This isn't my first rodeo when it comes to handcrafting.

In 2011, All Things Reconsidered was first foot into creative entrepreneurship. I took random refuse (such as vintage water valves and retro Scrabble tiles) and reimagined them into something new with a new purpose (such a wine bottle stoppers or ornaments). A pause in this first business for graduate school brought me to my second: A wedding photography studio. In the last six years, that has grown into one of Minnesota's most prominent and distinguished studios, having work featured both locally as well as nationally.

Believe or not, that middle business is what made this baby possible. Working the wedding circuit has shown me two truths and one big lie: It's a huge industry full of massed-produced memories, couples want their day to be unique and tailored to their tastes, and there is no way to affordably customize the little details in a modern, meaningful, higher-end way.

That latter statement, well, I',m hear to change that. That little eighth-grader who carried around a copy of Martha Stewart Weddings, forever enthralled by the look of luxury and the littlest aspects that make a wedding and home feel as great as it looks, is now a woman armed with a designer's eye and a laser cutter. She is here to bring a fresh, elegant spin to all things handmade wedding and home decor.

And I cannot wait to create something perfect just for you.

Where should we start?